Book Review: Apple of my Eye

I think I have a new favourite author. After devouring Her Name Was Rose last year, the minute I was asked to be part of the book tour for Claire’s latest book, Apple of My Eye, I said yes before I’d even bothered to read the blurb. I knew I would love it anyway. I was right in case you were wondering.

Apple of My Eye follows 2 different women. One is eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child until she starts to suspect her husband of having an affair meanwhile the other is desperate for a baby and she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to get the child she’s always wanted.

Eliana is pregnant and should be eagerly counting down the days until she becomes a Mum but she’s starting to worry that her husband is lying to her. When someone starts letting themselves into her house when she’s not there she’s sure that he must be cheating on her. With her stress levels rising she makes a mistake that could ruin her life forever. So when things go wrong she does what we all do, runs to her Mum. Because if you can’t count on your own Mum then who can you count on?

Meanwhile Louise is desperate to have a baby. After suffering multiple miscarriages she fears her chances of ever having a baby of her own may be over. When she spots a pregnant woman in town she becomes obsessed with her, following her every move and soon she’s decided that the unborn baby will be hers, no matter what.

The chapters alternate between Eliana and Louise and I’m always a fan of multiple viewpoints. Every time I picked this up I would realise that I was literally holding my breath as I made my way through the chapters. I was so hooked I practically inhaled this book.

From the minute you pick this up you know you’re probably going to go some pretty dark places. I won’t lie, the character of Eli I could kind of take or leave. She was actually a little bit annoying and it really wound me up how easy she found it to doubt her husband. Louise however I loved. I thought she was brilliantly written and much like Emily in Her Name Was Rose, I found myself warming to her despite her horrific actions. Her pain and grief literally poured out of the page and I was oddly rooting for her and her plan. Disclaimer: I do not advocate kidnapping in any way just sayin.

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You’ll spend a lot of the book trying to figure out how all the characters and stories link together because as us book pro’s know, there’s no such thing as a ‘spare part’ character in a thriller. At least not in a good one anyway. Rumour has it Claire’s third book is coming out later this year and I’m already counting down until I can get my hands on it. Claire Allen take a bow, you have become the Queen of thrillers.

[AD- I was kindly gifted this book by Avon Books in return for a review as part of the Apple of my Eye book tour]


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