Book Review: Her Name Was Rose

The thing when you make your way through as many books as I do is that once you’ve finished one you’re straight onto the next and within a couple of chapters you’ve completely forgotten about the one you read before. Not the case with Her Name Was Rose. I was so hooked on this book that the one I tried to read after it just didn’t compare and I ended up giving up on it altogether. All I could think about was this book and I don’t think I’ve ever connected with a character more than I did with lead cast member Emily so writing this book review was easy peasy.


Rose Matthews had the perfect life. A loving husband, a baby son, a job she loved. She was popular and friendly and had it all. Emily on the other hand couldn’t be more different. Living alone in a mind numbing job, ghosts from her past have made her lose her zest for life. She simply lives one day to the next.

When Emily watches stranger Rose get killed in a senseless hit and run it starts an obsession with a dead woman she never even knew. First it was just stalking her Facebook page, then applying for her old job. Emily quickly realises that Rose has left a hole and her life is up for grabs.

As Emily starts to take Rose’s place at work, with her friends and even with her husband, she quickly realises that maybe all wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. Emily starts to uncover some dark secrets about Rose’s life which leave her wondering if her death was really an accident after all.

Her Name Was Rose book review


Where do I even begin with what was good about this book?! I loved the character of Emily and her desire to be loved and have a taste of someone’s else’s life really struck a chord with me. We’re all guilty of seeing someones carefully curated Instagram page and wishing our life was a little bit more like theirs. But you know what they say; don’t compare your reality to someone else’s highlights reel.

The theme of social media and how we control what we showcase to the world was one of the major themes of this books and as a self confessed social media stalker I found myself taking a long hard look at myself. OK so maybe that’s a bit extreme but it did act as a reminder that you never know what someone else’s life is really like, no matter what they put on social media.

Ya gal loves a good murder mystery and I wasn’t expecting this book to satisfy my inner Miss Marple but lo and behold it did. A lot of the book is dedicated to figuring out if Rose’s death was really an unfortunate accident and if not, then who was behind it. There’s one hell of a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming in a million years and I recommend reading this for the twist alone. 


In the interests of giving a balanced review I always try and think of something that could improve the story because nothing’s perfect right? Turns out this book comes pretty blummin close and the only thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t longer.

As is always the case with thrillers, the ending and story revelation is a little bit rushed. Considering you're waiting the whole book to find out what happens I always think that more time should be dedicated to the grand reveal.

One thing I would have liked to be explored more (and I'm really clutching at straws here) is Emily's past. It forms a lot of her character throughout the book and although you do learn some stuff I think dedicated chapters to this would have made the book even better.


If this glowing review hasn’t inspired you to grab this bad boy then make sure you follow the rest of the Her Name Was Rose blog tour because that should do it.


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