In Defence of Being Boring

When I was 18 my life was a blur of nights out, cheap vodka and a girls holiday that resulted in a tattoo on my ankle to remind me of my youth. The idea of sitting in on a Saturday night filled me with horror and if I wasn’t in a takeaway with cheesy chips at 3am on Sunday morning then I’d done my weekend wrong. Now, 5 years (!!) later I couldn’t be more different. My ideal Saturday night is spent firmly plonked on the sofa, I might be tempted to a nice dinner or a trip to the cinema but a nightclub and cheap vodka? No thank you.

In Defence of Being Boring

I’m only 23 and sometimes I worry that I’m old before my time. Surely my early twenties should still be spent stumbling home at 4am in a blur of QuadVods and hangovers. The thing is, I couldn’t think of anything worse. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends and when we do go out it’s great and I normally always think “ah it’s just like the good ol’ days” but I also really like my own company. I look forward to my post-work evenings where I settle down to Corrie and a cuppa or weekends spent exploring the countryside with my other half. I’m not one of those people who needs a bursting social calendar to feel ‘complete’ but for a long time I thought I was. Or at least, I thought there was something wrong with me for not having it.

I would look at other people my age, who were always going on nights out, who were travelling the world or who seemed to be at the coolest gigs and events with their mates every weekend and presumed that somewhere along the line I had malfunctioned. Why was I not making plan after plan after plan, why could I not relate when my work colleague told me she ‘didn’t have a free weekend for 3 months’? 

I even started to worry that people just didn’t like me and didn’t want to do anything with me. The truth I’ve finally realised though is that I like being ‘boring.’ I use the term loosely because to me, life is anything but boring. I have a job that I love that keeps me incredibly busy, a ‘side hustle’ (aka this blog) that takes up most of my evenings and that I also happen to love, friends, family and a boyfriend who believe it or not, I like to see fairly regularly, I could go on but I’m not here to brag. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m finally happy with my life. I’m no longer looking at other people my age and wondering why I’m not more like them. If I like sitting in with a Chinese on a Saturday night then I’m sure as hell gunna do it.

There’s such a culture these days that we always have to be busy. People love to reel off all the plans they’ve made for the year so far and it can be easy to look at what everyone else is doing and compare it to yourself but the truth is, you’ve just gotta do what makes you happy. If you want to go out and get pissed then you go for it. If you want to spend the weekend hibernating in your pjs then don’t move for no one.

In Defence of Being Boring

People may look at me and think I’m boring but let them. This Boring Betty is off to make a cuppa and watch Poirot. Living the dream.


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