Introducing Lucy Nixon

Lucy Nixon

There’s been a few changes round here of late and it’s time to introduce you to Lucy Nixon.

Back when I started this blog in 2016 (!!) I envisioned it to be the ultimate city guide to Liverpool. I planned restaurant reviews and city guides, information on upcoming events and hidden gems. And some of that I did. A lot however, I didn’t. I quickly learnt that whilst I LOVE Liverpool, there was a lot more I wanted to write about.

I wanted somewhere to review the latest books I’ve read, to share the things I’m loving, the clothes I’m wearing and to discuss the topics that feel important to me. For a while, the name The Adopted Scouser was fine, I am after all an adopted scouser and amongst my friends it became a bit of a brand name. But for me, I knew I was starting to outgrow it. Then lockdown hit.

If I’m honest, I’d started to lose my mojo with blogging for a while, you only need to take a look at the sporadic posts over the past 12 months to figure that out, so I can’t blame lockdown completely. Spending days on end at home with little to inspire me however left my creative juices at an all time low and as the weeks passed and we still couldn’t hug our families, I debated many times about just deleting the blog and calling it a day.

I’m not sure what stopped me but one day I realised I didn’t need anything quite so drastic to get my excitement for blogging back, maybe it was simply time for a rebrand. And here we are. If I felt like I’d outgrown The Adopted Scouser then I figured it was best to choose something I couldn’t outgrown so my actual name seemed a pretty safe bet.

So, welcome to Lucy Nixon, a place to hopefully inspire and entertain through posts on travel, life, style, books and everything else in between. Hopefully you’ll find something here you like. I’m aiming for two new posts a week, on Mondays and Fridays, so if you want to ensure you keep up to date make sure you subscribe via my swanky new subscription box at the bottom of the page. 

There will always be a soft spot for The Adopted Scouser in my heart but it’s time to wave her goodbye and start a new chapter, one I hope you’ll enjoy joining me on! 


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