Liverpool’s Hidden Gems, According to the Locals

Being a 'local' somewhere often means you're in the know about where's hot to hang out on a Friday night and where you definitely should be tagging yourself at on Instagram (because nobody 'checks in' on Facebook anymore right??) After almost 5 years in Liverpool I like to think I've got a pretty strong back catalogue of unique places and quirky spots to escape the crowds and Liverpool is full of hidden places that are calling out to be discovered by locals and visitors alike. Instead of listening to me harp on about the ones that should be sitting at the top of your list however, for this post I’ve asked some of Merseyside’s finest bloggers to offer up their top pick. So here are Liverpool's hidden gems, according to the locals...

Liverpool's hidden gems

Malmo, Hanover Street

Courtesy of The Scouse Diaries

We’re really lucky to live in Liverpool One, because it means we’re a stone’s throw away from some of our favourite places to eat, drink and slob.

We generally don’t get a chance to do breakfast or brunch midweek which is pretty upsetting as it’s our second favourite thing to do (after sleeping) so we try and do it every weekend. You’ll generally find us at Malmo on Hanover Street on a Sunday morning. Not only is it unique in terms of the food it offers (Scandinavian inspired Smørrebrød is life changing) but it has a banging playlist, it’s dog friendly and the coffee is the best in town. Win win win!

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Liverpools hidden gems
Liverpool's hidden gems

Free State Kitchen, Maryland Street

Courtesy of Eat Liverpool

When it comes to secret gardens there are few superior to the one you’ll find when you take a jaunt out the back of Free-State Kitchen on Maryland Street. An absolute oasis of beer, booze and unbelievable burgers, their outdoor area is a cool and cosy hideout shaded from the blistering sun with hanging trees and huge umbrellas.

The food is simple, classic American done well. Whilst you won’t find any towering burger challenges on the menu, you’d be hard pushed to find a better cheeseburger in the city. Plus, with a dedicated outdoor cocktail bar there’s no reason not to spend the rest of the fleeting British summertime soaking up the sunshine al fresco.

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West Derby Village

Courtesy of Jessi Lou Blog

My hidden gem of Liverpool is West Derby Village. This part of North Liverpool is really coming in to it's own, and is rivalling parts of South Liverpool now. There are new coffee shops, and cool bars opening.

You have to check out 51 Mill Lane for delicious small plate dishes, and cocktails. The Book is the latest place to open. A relaxed bar and eatery serving great beer, gin, and coffees. As well as, super tasty pizzas.

The Liverpool Gift Shop in the village, next to Amo Coffee House, is perfect for unique gifts made by local independent artists.

Plus, you have access to Croxteth park from here. You can get a coffee to go and wander through the park. It's so serene in there, and is the perfect retreat from busy city life.

There's everything you need here, without nipping in to town.

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Liverpool's hidden gems

Down the Hatch, Duke Street

Courtesy of Hungry Harriet

When my good pal The Adopted Scouser asked me, the born and bred scouser, what my ultimate Liverpool hidden gem was, Down the Hatch instantly sprang to mind.

As a convicted carnivore and somebody who takes unapologetic pleasure in a box of 9 McNuggets at least twice a month, I very rarely have my head turned by vegan or vegetarian meu options. That was until I went along and indulged in DTH's vegan junk food menu from its sub-ground level eatery on Duke Street.

You've got deep-fried 'Broccolipops' with a rich dripping gravy, vegan mac 'n' cheese so good it would make a grown man cry and big, massive dirty burgers that make you forget there is absolutely zilch, nada, zero meat on the menu.

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Rococo, Lord Street

Courtesy of The Man Blueprint

Although Liverpool is choc-full of hidden gems, my pick of the bunch has to be Rococo. I am somewhat biased towards this place because I have a penchant for disgusting amounts of coffee but hear me out on this one. I stumbled across Rococo when I happened to glance up at the sky towards the coffee gods and saw their sign on the first floor of some random building.

After taking a quick walk up the steep & narrow stairs, you are greeted with one of the most beautiful coffee shops you ever did see. Unlike Amsterdam, this coffee shop doesn’t need the assistance of the Devil’s lettuce to make it look cool either.

It’s full of quirky, eclectic furniture, they do amazing coffee, homemade snacks such as date brownies and they’ll even rustle you up a lil’ smoothie. There’s literally no downsides to the place.

If you visit Liverpool and happen to be into your arabicas, then get yourself down here, I beg ya.

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Liverpool's hidden gems

Now you're armed with all the local recommendations you could ever need head out and enjoy Liverpool's hidden gems like a local. If you do try any of them make sure you let me know what you think either in the comments or over on Twitter.


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