What to Watch on Netflix

It’s still a bit chilly outside (although Spring is definitely on its merry way) so it’s the perfect time to snuggle up in an evening with a good TV series, giving a whole new (and more literal) meaning to Netflix and Chill…

If you’re anything like me then when it comes to choosing a new show to start binge-watching it can be a bit of a faff. With so much choice and so many recommendations I often spend half an hour trying to choose before settling on an episode of FRIENDS I’ve seen 20 times. In case you’re as indecisive as me these are the shows we’ve watched recently that should be heading straight to the top of your to-watch list.

Evil Genius- there’s a real craze for documentary style shows at the moment and this is by far the best one I’ve watched. There’s something about knowing that you’re watching a true story that makes you want to unravel the mystery even more.

This 4 part series follows the story of ‘America’s deadliest bank heist.’ It all starts when a pizza delivery man robs a bank with a bomb strapped around his neck and what follows is the most unbelievable tale that if it wasn’t for the evidence laid out in front of you, you would never believe was true. We finished this in one sitting and it’s full of some mighty twists and turns.

You- If you haven’t heard of You on Netflix then you must have been living under a rock. It was THE show of January 2019 and every man and their dog was hooked, me included.

You is set in New York and follows book store clerk Joe who falls head over heels in love with a girl who comes into his store. Turns out Joe will go to pretty much any length to ensure Bec falls in love with him too and so begins the ultimate tale of obsession, love and just plain stalking. If you thought you had Instagram stalking down, you’ve got nothing on Joe.

Peaky Blinders- Peaky Blinders has become an institution in the UK and it’s not hard to see why. The iconic show follows Birmingham based gang the Peaky Blinders as they navigate post-war Britain with a series of dodgy deals, organised crime and gangland wars.

All 4 seasons are now on Netflix and to be honest, before I started this I wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea. How wrong I was. I loved it so much we’ve even paid a visit to the Peaky Blinders bar in Liverpool. Get all 4 seasons watched now before series 5 hits our screens later this year.


What to watch on Netflix

The Sinner- It seemed like everyone went mad for series one of The Sinner and then by the time series two rolled around nobody was watching it. I have no idea why because in my opinion the second season was even better than the first.

The Sinner follows Detective Harry Ambrose as he tries to figure out why a woman has killed a stranger on the beach in series one and why a young boy has seemingly murdered his parents in season 2. Sounds good right? What I liked about this was it wasn’t about figuring out who did it, you know that from the very start, but why. Ambrose delves deep into their lives and minds to figure out what made them snap. Psychological drama at its finest.

Dynasty- Compared to my other recommendations Dynasty will offer you some pure light relief. Based on the original 80’s series, the reboot adds a whole new millennial spin to the classic.

Following the drama of the Carrington family, who are FILTHY rich, Dynasty is pure cheese and probably not your cup of tea if you like a hard-hitting cinematic masterpiece. The drama and storylines will however keep you hooked, and the excessive money and runway-worthy outfits will leave you wondering why you weren’t born rich…


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